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Selected option for one of the ddmenus so that it is already open upon page load?

Is there a quick change that I can make to the script that would enable the first menu to be open when the page first loads and then operate normally thereafter?
msamek  10 years ago   viewed: 12055    

2 Answers

Good question. 
Yes it is possible with the following code added to your page (either in the head section of at the end of your page):
<script type="text/javascript"> function eventFire(el, etype) { if (el.fireEvent) { (el.fireEvent('on' + etype)); } else { var evObj = document.createEvent('Events'); evObj.initEvent(etype, true, false); el.dispatchEvent(evObj); } } function openTheFirstMenuItem() { var item1 = document.getElementById("ddmenu"); if (item1 && ddmenu) { item1 = item1.getElementsByTagName("li")[0]; eventFire(item1, "mouseover"); } else setTimeout(arguments.callee, 50); } openTheFirstMenuItem(); </script>
Milo   10 years ago
Just in case it depends upon the template that I'm using,  it was #3 of the drop down menus.  I would like for the first sub menu to be open upon page load but operate normally thereafter.
  10 years ago


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