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Javascript Image Slider is working great everywhere but on iPhone and iPad it behaves oddly when trying to load YouTube videos. It just has an animated loading GIF for the video, but never loads. If I poke the screen a few times (sometimes twice, sometimes, 5 times) it eventually opens the Video in the YouTube Player app. What I am wondering: is there anyways to force the HTML 5 player for YouTube videos by adding that "&html5=1" at the end of the YouTube URLs. My guess is that is doing this because the image slider is loading the YouTube Flash Player. My understanding is that if you add the &html5=1 to YouTube it will default to the flash player is HTML 5 is not supported for the browser. If this works do you just add the paramater to the YouTube URL or do you add it some other way?
Jim  11 years ago   viewed: 40922    

1 Answer

Our slider is using the Youtube iFrame API player, not the Flash Player.

I've dug a little deeper and came across this thread:!topic/youtube-api-gdata/blhhWMz0iBo%5B1-25%5D

It looks like the Youtube team is having an issue with autoplay support with HTML5 player and are currently fixing it.
milo   11 years ago


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