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Initialize the sider after page load


is there a way to initialize the slider after the page is loaded?
When I try to initialize the slider in the FF console (meaning after the page is loaded, it is not initializing the slider.

here is the code

you wil lfind 2 sliders, 1 is initialized in the js file and the other one is not.
Execute this in the console:
var Asian = new ThumbnailSlider(AsianMovies)

it does not initialize the slider.

Can you help?
Oved  11 years ago   viewed: 26569    

6 Answers


how to write javascript image slider..cau u show any demo....

  9 years ago
Can you firstly make one working, then add another?

milo   11 years ago
Not sure that I understand. I need to initialize the slider after the page is loaded.
I provided 2 sliders in the  example just to show one that is working (initialized before page load) while the other is not working (initialized after page load).

I found a workaround but I would like a more standard solution.
Oved   11 years ago
SInce release v2012.9.9 the menucool image slider supports this "Load on Demand" feature by calling: 
You can call the build-in function shown above at any time when the slider markup is ready.
Refer to the Demo 7 Build Slider On the Fly for details.

Note: Ignore other outdated posts.
Milo   11 years ago
And what is your  workaround?
acat   11 years ago
in the menucool I changed the script not to subscribe to the page load event, but rather my custom event. I fired the custom event when the data was ready (after page load).
Oved   11 years ago


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