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Embedding Youtube Disabled By Request Error

I am using the video template 6 where I can embed the you tube video in the slider.  The embedded video works on slides 3 and 5, but on slide 2 I get the error, "Embedding disabled by request.  Watch on You Tube."  This worked before, but now I'm getting this message.  What does this mean?  I am the owner of my You Tube account and I didn't request the video to not be embedded.  Can someone help me understand what this error means and tell me how to get rid of it so my embedded You Tube video can play?  Thanks!
Katherine  10 years ago   viewed: 17724    

4 Answers

I figured it out.  It is a setting in my You Tube account.  Go to Video Manager, select to Edit the video, then choose Advanced Settings, scroll down to the Distribution Options and flag/check the Allow Embedding option.  Whew!  I basically compared all my settings from my other videos to this one that would not play and I found this setting.  Hooray!
Katherine   10 years ago

Thanks katherine i was suffering to a problem like yours but i get the answer from you. thanks

  7 years ago

congratulations,i have the same problem but the thing is the click option is not active when i want to do a live event. Any idea what i can do. Please help

Alex Kawala   7 years ago

It might be the z-index issue. Your nav buttons are covered by other elements such as the captions.

Steve   7 years ago


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