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Populate menu HTML markup dynamically with database data

Is there any documentation on using your drop-down accordion menu with a database to populate the menu dynamically?
Bernie  10 years ago   viewed: 18321    

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Amity Sherlock
  one year ago

As far as I know the database and to build the HTML markup menu on the page in the server language. Maybe you can't interfere death run 3d

  one year ago

Are you a database and server language developer? If yes, then you have the right to do so tap tap shots

  one year ago

All instructions are on the page, and we have no other Users Manual or Documentation.

As there are so many different databases(SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, ...) and server side languages(PHP, ASP.NET, JSP...), we are unable to provide detailed instructions on how to retrieve data from a database and to build menu HTML markup on the page by a server language. You have to be a developer of that database and that server language.

Milo   10 years ago

Yes, I don't expect you to give me the detailed code itself in, say, ASP for MS SQL Server. But ...

a) Can your vertical drop-down accordion menu work when dynamically populated from a database? Can the number of 1st-level entries in the menu be arbitrary? And can the number of 2nd-level entries be arbitrary, and not necessarily equal, for each 1st-level entry? Or, in other words, does your menu have any implicit constraints on these things that I need to know about (and can't know in advance because there is no documentation)?

b) Would the structure of the (dynamically generated) html/css/javascript code that is needed on the webpage be the natural extension of what you have hardcoded in your example at ? Or would some non-obvious tricks be needed? I can write this code if it just needs to be the natural extension of what you have hardcoded in your example, but not otherwise.

  10 years ago


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