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Make Responsive Tooltip smaller popup screens with mobile devices


I've installed it on my client's site and it does a good job. I did try to reduce the tooltip box size using max-wdith but the text was being cut. It's ok on most screens, however it does create an issue on mobile.

How can we have this be responsive in width?

Mathilde  6 years ago   viewed: 4666    

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Good question!

You don't need to set max-width. You just need to set a width for smaller devices using media queries of CSS3.

Just open the tooltip.css file, and add the following style:

@media (max-width: 900px) { .mcTooltipWrapper, .mcTooltipInner { width:200px!important; } }

Note: you can surely change the 900px in above code to whatever you prefer such as 800px, 1100px, etc.

  6 years ago


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