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Change pauseTime for ONE slide

Can the pauseTime be change just for one slide? (and the rest keep the regular pauseTime) 
Emanuel  10 years ago   viewed: 14036    

3 Answers

You can use the image slider's built-in beforeSlideChange event handler and the changeOptions(newOptions) function to accomplish the task. 
For details please read:
Milo   10 years ago

How do I implement the beforeSlideChange event handler? Could you please give me some code? If I add the following code, the effect is that only the first slide is being shown, while the captions change once, with the old pause time settings:

function beforeSlideChange(args) {
imageSlider.changeOptions({ pauseTime: 200 });

Thank you!

Rumi   6 years ago

If you just want to apply different timing for individual slide, you can use Ninja Slider. For details please read: Apply different timing for individual slide

PT   10 years ago


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