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I love this small compact and simple color picker.

I am trying to implement it on a page where a user action brings up hidden div that is populated via an ajax call. One of the field in the resulting form that is created is a color field that I want to enhance with a color picker but nothing happens after I load the form (i.e. the field remains as before). I have the ability to run a javascript function after the ajax form is loaded to re-execute the page load code that will create the color picker but I don't know what to call.

Thanks so much for any help with this!

- Mike
Miguel de la Pena  12 years ago   viewed: 13004    

1 Answer

Thanks Mike for your requirement.We made an update on July 3, 2012 that will handle this. You just need to include a call
in the callback of your AJAX. You can also refer to the post: How can I call the colorpicker with javascript.

Note: If you are using the Custom Color Picker, and want to build the color picker dynamically, you need to call:
milo   12 years ago


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