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Chrome lightbox issue

I'm having issues with the Tooltip not working in Chrome when it is in a lightbox (modal window). It works in other browsers. Also works as expected when NOT in a lightbox. As far as I can tell, it's possibly a z-index issue. If I inspect the span element and change it's z-index (to any value) using Chromes code viewer, the tooltip shows up. But if I add a z-index value to the actual css source, nothing happens.

Any suggestions?
Chad  10 years ago   viewed: 7780    

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Based on your description, it does seem like a z-index issue could be causing the problem.

  1. The tooltip works when you manually alter the span element's z-index using Chrome's developer tools. No changes are made to the CSS source when a z-index is added
  2. Setting the tooltip and lightbox container z-index may fix this issue. Setting z-index values requires consideration of element stacking context and hierarchy.
  3. Check for conflicting CSS rules or inherited z-index values that may affect tooltip appearance in the lightbox.Head Soccer
I can assist you troubleshoot if you share the code or a simplified example.supplying and giving it out free

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