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The Different Types Of Javascript Tooltip

The use of tooltips has become a great advantage especially for people who want to make their websites to be as user friendly as possible. When you encounter a word or an image that requires further explanations, a javascript tooltip will do that for you and all you need to do is move the mouse pointer to that word and a brief explanation of what that word or image is appears. This is good because it helps people to save time and energy for research, and confirmations. These tooltips come in different shapes, designs and sizes and you can use any that you want for your website.

Some of the animated tooltips include the simple tooltip. This one, as the name suggests, is very simple, and the moment you place the cursor on the word, an explanation comes up. On the other hand, the tooltip that is simple and animated can vary the speed at which the text appears, and you can have fun with it. The translucent tooltip is a very attractive tooltip since to some extent you can see the words behind it. Finally, there is the tooltip that has an image on the background; this can even be a color, or an animation.

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