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We offer an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee on the purchase of any license that we sell.

License is required for some of our softwares. The license is valid forever for the site domain (and all its sub domain) that you are purchasing for with no requirement to renew.


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  • If the page address is, you just need to input the domain name into this box;
  • The license is only valid for this domain and its sub-domains, such as,;
  • Intranet domain name is allowed;
  • The license is valid forever with no requirement to renew;
  • The license will be used by the purchased software to compare with the domain name on the browser's address bar for verification. There is no license check made to other places.


When will you receive the License?

We will send you the license by email after your payment is received by us.

Usually it is within 3 hours in our daytime, or within 9 hours if the payment is made in our nighttime.