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How do I increase the height of the DIV for imagevideo?


We have an issue where the videos have black bars either side of them from YouTube.  Increasing the height of the DIV would make the bars gradually disappear until we got the correct height. It may result in the images being too large, but we can test that.

However, when I change the max-width: 85% to perhaps height: 400px, the div contain the bigger image, overlaps the gallery thumbnails.  Why?

How can I make that div containing the bigger image taller?

Secondly, how do I make the "show full screen" work, as I cannot seem to grasp that.

Simon79  3 years ago   viewed: 1329    

1 Answer


In your case, you need to:

  1. Create the image (class="ns-img") to be proportional to the video aspect ratio. 
  2. Set the aspectRatio option to "auto" in the ninja-slider.js. For details about the aspectRatio please read Displaying different sized images in slider.

Note sometimes the black border might come from the Youtube which is created when making the video.

As to the show full screen, please read the documentation or read the source code of the working demo.

Milo   3 years ago


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