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JS error with MCTabs caused by unrelated hash link

Hi guys - please consider the below 2 pages. Both have working MCTabs installations. However, the 2nd page has a JS error in your tabs script. The only difference in the code between the pages is the # in the h1 a href attribute on line 19. I wonder if this is something you can speak to or fix. Thanks.


Chad Crowell  8 years ago   viewed: 3379    

4 Answers

If you need our help, please read, and stage a good testing page online. Currently the pages you give us is full of errors.

We are currently rewrite the McTabs (will use another name, Responsive Tabs for the next release). If you can wait, please use next release which is much better than the current one, and it will be released within one week.
Milo   8 years ago
Hi Milo - thanks for the response. I did follow your rules, and Firebug shows only a single JS error on the page with the error and no errors on the version of the page without the error. I stripped out everything I could so that everything was pretty isolated.

I can probably wait 1 week if that is a pretty solid release date. This site is going out in 2014. Thanks.

Chad Crowell   8 years ago

Hi Chad,

The update version, Responsive Tabs v2014.12.23 has been released. Please use the updated version.

Milo   8 years ago
Thanks, the new version is working without JS errors.

Chad Crowell   8 years ago


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