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Repeating VM2 on a page?


I tried to break up a navigation structure by using two separate instances of <ul id="menuV2"> on the same page, in order to put a differently colored and styled separator between them -- a topic header of sorts.

The script didn't seem to like that, however. While the second set of links & buttons was styled the same as the first (in terms of font style, background image, and mouse-over bg), there were no arrows and no break-outs in the second set.

What does one need to do for a second menu to behave the same as the first?

Also, I found that the breakouts will not display the same background image as the primary navigation links, despite my having set a background image for them, as follows:

#menuV2 ul li {

  background: #eff7fe url(/Images/Backgrounds/vmenu_bg_blue.jpg) repeat-x 0 2px;

  background-image: inherit;


(Note that I changed the value of 'background-image' from 'none' to 'inherit'.) The background color '#eff7fe' does show up in the breakouts, but not the image.

Could you please give me a hint as to what I'm doing wrong? Thank you kindly.  :-)

Ian M  4 years ago   viewed: 5790    


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