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htc file reported by anti virus software


I wanted to pass along a comment from a user just in case it is a problem. He reported that his anti-virus software (Sophos) is reporting a problems with the cssmenu.htc file.

I think it may be a problem with Sophos but I wanted to get your thoughts too.;

Brent  5 years ago   viewed: 5235    

2 Answers


The htc file is used by older IE browsers only. You know IE is always backward. So Microsoft has to invent some weird stuff like the htc file to make up the IE's incapability.

The HTC behavior file is actually an HTML file that contains the defined components(it is the css menu in our case) and a javascript in order to make the menu items to understand what the li:hover means and what the menu item should do when the li element is hovered. Other browsers all know what li:hover means. They don't know what {behavior:...} and .htc file is in CSS and they will just ignore the CSS property { behavior: url("/horizontal/menuh/cssmenu.htc"); }.

The following two links will help to understand what HTC file is:

Therefore, the anti-virus software might also don't understand what the .htc file is and popup the alert. I have to say that we can do nothing about this. If your customer really cares, using our ddmenu is a solution. ddmenu does not use any .htc file. It use JavaScript instead.

Milo   5 years ago
Strangely the user who reported the problem was using IE10.    It doesn't seem like he should even see that file if it's just for older browsers.
Brent   5 years ago


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