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The IE cache is a pitfall when building my CSS menu

I decided to use a CSS menu instead of a the Drop Down version.  I tested on both IE and FireFox on my development box using localhost, everything worked fine.  I then uploaded the files onto my server and everything worked fine on FireFox.  

However IE is weird.  I see the page (with the menu) for a couple of seconds, and then it disappears and I get a 'HTTP 404 error'.  Since FireFox works I am guessing it's the .htc file or a license issue.
The .htc file is in the same directory as the .css file and main ASP file that includes them, but the ASP code that is building the menu is in a different directory.

Any tips?
Peter  6 years ago   viewed: 7873    

3 Answers

Never mind. I got it to work with an absolute path AND deleting all temporary files.  I guess IE was ignoring the changes to the CSS file even though I have:
<meta http-equiv="Pragma" content="no-cache" /> on the page.  

Crap like that really makes Web development a pain in the butt!
Peter   6 years ago
1. If relative path is used, htc file path inside the CSS file should be relative to the page instead of the CSS file (this is unlike image links inside the CSS that are relative to the CSS file location). It is recommended to use the absolute path for the HTC file URL. For example, use { behavior: url("/horizontal/menuh/cssmenu.htc") }, but not  { behavior: url("cssmenu.htc") }
2. Avoid DOCTYPE errors. See DOCTYPE must be declared
3. Make sure you don't have HTML errors (such as you have an openning tag <div>, but missing its closing tag </div>).
Milo   6 years ago
Yeah I tried both absolute and relative paths to no avail, flash of the page all correct then the 404 Error. I even tried the entire path including the server, no joy.  Now I'm beginning to think there is a caching issue for the CSS file (even though I have caching off on my IE client).

Damn.  I may need to go back to the DDMenu code. Do you have a ddmenu that does cascading right side popups like your CSSMenu?
  6 years ago


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