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Firefox Java Script Issue?

Hi, Cool site with lots of useful info! Thanks for putting this together. - I've implemented the vertical menu as per your instructions and everything looks/works ok in IE9, Chrome, Opera & Safari, but the latest version of Firefox displays all menus and submenus statically.  mouseovers seem to change the bg according to the style sheet, but there is no animation of menus and all menus & subs are displaying no matter what.  any ideas? what would you need from me to help figure this out? thanks!
Jared  5 years ago   viewed: 7034    

4 Answers

Menucool's vertical menu has no animation.
As to the firefox issue, can you try it on another machine? I didn't find any issue with my FF.
milo   5 years ago
On another computer, both IE9 and Firefox aren't working. Sorry, I shouldn't have used the word "animation." the submenu's aren't popping up and are instead displayed without a mouseover.  here is my live demo:  because the site was designed by someone else and I'm just adding on a few pages, I embedded the CSS and JS in each page (since each page really won't have much content anyway).  Thanks for the fast response!
Jared   5 years ago
Then I think there are some syntax errors. Please check your code.
I would also recommend you to use our demo code as a quick start and include only our demo code in your page. Make sure it is working, then customize it to your own, and add your other components to the page gradually.
Milo   5 years ago
Ahh... you are very correct! I had the closing </li> before the <ul> sub menu.  Moving it to the end solved the problem! Thanks for the increadibly quick replies.  I'll definitely be referring folks to your site. - Regards, Jared
Jared   5 years ago


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