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Bullets Function


one year ago
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I wish to enquire on how to use the Bullet Function, I wish to implement it into my HTML
For example there are 5 bullets. Instead of using the bullets which are generated automatically. I wish to hide the bullets and do something like this

A - B - C - D - E

So when I pressed A, it is equivalent to pressing the first bullet.
May I know what to put into my .html file

I can be contacted at
Hope to hear from you soon

one year ago

see the displaySlide(indexNumber) function illustrated on page
So you can make the default nav bullets invisible by the CSS setting, then create your own A, B, C, D, E buttons, and give each button an onclick event that will:
<input value="A" onclick="imageSlider.displaySlide(0)" />
<input value="B" onclick="imageSlider.displaySlide(1)" />

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