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hello, I recently purchased this slider pack specifically for "Demo 2" and I'm trying to inject it as a new section on my shopify site.  I just started coding about a year ago ( self taught ) so of course I'm still a bit shaky in areas of which most would consider the basics.  HTML, CSS... No problem.  Java Script, THREE.js, Jquery, React...  I'm learning and have started quite a few apps but never really made it far enough to take it out of the Terminal.  Having said all this which is why Im pretty certain there's little tricks or "Tags" I'm missing in getting this to perform properly on my Shopify store.  I've noticed early on, that it's quite rare to have some basic HTML, CSS, and JS code laid out and can simply copy and paste each section of code and paste it into a new "Sections" folder in Shopify and create just enough bogus Schema to not throw a error.  Merely using the section folder as a dynamic container if you will, only to discover everything rarely works perfectly after a swift copy and paste move.  I'm trying to learn and understand whats elements ( stylesheets, imports, variables, etc. ) must be tagged so to speak in the beginning, and sorta referenced again at the end of the code.  I hope that makes a little sense, and I'm not coming off as a complete idiot.  3/4 idiot I can live with.  Any help/guidance with getting this up onto my store would be greatly appreciated.  I already have the images locked and loaded in my project directory and have messed up the code twice already trying to swift copy and paste.   Help.

Jonathan  22 days ago   viewed: 62    

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Please pay special attention to the initSliderByCallingInitFunc setting in Config Options that is explained in http://www.menucool.com/jquery-slider

  21 days ago


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