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Chrome Uncaught TypeError


I'm getting the following error when I hover over a hotspot on my image map: 

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'documentElement' of null

    at Object.myCallback [as success] (muni-estimates.htm:6257)

    at XMLHttpRequest.s.onreadystatechange (tooltip.js:22)

Strange thing is I have another JS Tooltip running on my domain with no errors. Both are completely separate, in separate directories, but sharing the tooltip.js file. Any idea why one would work and the other wouldn't? I can supply more info if needed. Thanks.

Jeff  2 months ago   viewed: 331    

1 Answer


Never mind. I found a couple of errors in the xml file I was pulling data from. Seems to be working fine now. :)

Jeff   2 months ago


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