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One menu for all pages- confused

I love this menu! Looks great and I got it customized working fine. But now I'm trying to make it one menu for all pages and I'm confused and can't get it working.

Should the ddmenu-source.html document have the menu content removed or just the head section?

For the ddmenu.html document am I suppose to remove everything from the opening nav tag to the close of it and just replace it with "<a id="ddmenuLink" href="ddmenu-source.html">Menu</a>" ?

One of those I have to be wrong on otherwise both files would have the menu content removed.

Then to add it to a page am I just adding in the head:

<link href="ddmenu/ddmenu.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> <script src="ddmenu/ddmenu.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

and where I want the menu to show up add: <a id="ddmenuLink" href="ddmenu-source.html">Menu</a>

Sorry, just confused. Your other directions were great, thanks!
chris  5 years ago   viewed: 8956    

8 Answers

An example is worth a thousand words. 
Please go to page http://www.menucool.com/ddmenu/one-menu-for-all-pages, click "Download a Demo", and view the demo code.
Milo   5 years ago
Sorry, I did download it and tried and it still isn't working. I even downloaded yours and made no changes and yours isn't displaying. I tried to view it on my local machine as well as uploading yours to my server and I don't see any menu just an error image in it's place. Do you know what I am doing wrong?
  5 years ago
See the notifications on page http://www.menucool.com/ddmenu/ddmenuOneForAll/ddmenuOneForAll.html. It tells why you cannot use local file path to test it. The root cause is that the local file path will disable the Ajax function of the javascript.

Another possible failure is that you may have disabled javascript in your browser(If IE, you may have disabled the Active-X content).

And the last possibility is that your link paths in your HTML code are incorrect.
Milo   5 years ago
Thanks. I did see that info before. I guess I'm just not seeing what is wrong since when I upload it to my server it isn't working. Any chance I could send you the 3 files your site had me download after I customized it and you make those changes for me? I would buy the license as well as paypal you extra for doing that if you would be willing. I'm not good at this so I bet it's something stupid I'm missing. Let me know if you would consider it.
  5 years ago

Hello. Does the method above applies also to CSS Menu and if no, how can I achieve the same result in the CSS Menu?

Stan   4 years ago

No it does not apply the CSS menu as CSS menu doesn't have the JavaScript to do this task.

Milo   4 years ago

Thank you, I get it, but is there any method to "link" the original menu rather than copying/pasting it on each and every sub-page?

Stan   4 years ago

Well, I was actually able to link it as:

webbot bot="Include" U-Include="menu.html" TAG="BODY"

...which partially did the job (if changing something the only thing I need is to open all websites and save them but there is no need to make the changes on individual pages).

Stan   4 years ago


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